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Benefit from insight and control over payments and purchases

Whether you’re a middle-market business or a large corporation, the right card program can help you tap into savings opportunities and contribute to your company’s growth goals. With two commercial card programs to choose from, you can decide which card fits your company’s needs.

Umpqua Commercial One Card

Designed to support purchasing, travel, entertainment, and fleet capabilities combined with powerful reporting and card management solutions.

  • Integrated Payment platforms compatibility

  • Supplier Enablement services

  • Competitive revenue share options

  • Automated and integrated payables capabilities

  • Contactless Cards: Tap. Pay. Go.


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Visa® Commercial Preferred Solution Card

Created to combine company travel, entertainment, and purchasing spend into one powerful rewards program.

  • Delivers premium experience with a metal card and travel perks to the business owner

  • Employee card use for business expenses or purchases, travel, and entertainment

  • Unlimited points on all eligible company spend

  • Redeem rewards points for travel, merchandise, or statement credits

  • Contactless Cards: Tap. Pay. Go.


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Commercial cards can help you:

Receive flexible use options

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and your card program should be too. Whether your primary focus is employee travel, entertainment expenses, or everyday purchases, you can count on our skilled team to determine the card program with the most effective payment strategy to support your unique payment needs.


Provide scalability

Virtual cards are an integral component of our commercial card programs. Our virtual cards provide a convenient means of efficiently managing and securely making payments not only for procurement but also for business travel, projects, and services, all without the need for a physical card.


Simplify expense management

Take advantage of more detailed and efficient management of your financial data by using our one-card platform. Our expense management platform is supported by a dedicated team to help seamlessly integrate it into your existing systems and processes. Our program provides one source of spend data to help negotiate improved terms with vendors, one point of contact for employee cardholders, and one reconciliation process for card transactions.


Lower your risk of fraud

Reduce risks associated with many common forms of fraud such as check fraud, wire fraud, and ACH debit fraud by leveraging built-in card features like single-use accounts, contactless technology, and chip protection to keep you safe from possible compromise. Virtual cards provide additional protection, as a unique card number is issued with controls limiting how many times the virtual card can be used. The expiration period can be set to as little as one day, several weeks, or a month.


Build trust through automation

Automated payments allow you to build trust with your vendors by guaranteeing on-time payments and eliminating the risk of check fraud. You can also benefit from improved working capital through reduced costs and extended days payable outstanding.



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