Our Impact


At Umpqua, we have long believed we share a responsibility to make this world a better place, starting with how we help our neighbors and neighborhoods thrive every day. We embed this principle in the fabric of our corporate values and culture. It drives us to approach things differently, from how we define priorities to how we craft our products and services.

ESG Reporting

As an organization, we work to deepen focus on our stakeholders—customers, associates, communities, shareholders, and the environment. By continuing to evolve our approach we strive to measure and benchmark against an emerging set of environmental, social, and governance guidelines (ESG).

Focusing on Our Customers

We’re committed to helping individuals, families, and businesses thrive.


Data & Privacy


We aim to be transparent about our data collection and usage, so you can control your privacy.


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Expanding Access to Financial Services


We work to ensure financial services are accessible throughout the communities we serve.


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Empowering Our Community

We strive to help level the economic playing field.

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Boosting Financial Health


We focus on improving the financial health of our customers and communities.


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Community Engagement & Partnerships


We make a difference by partnering with nonprofit organizations and our communities.


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Community Lending


We engage with our communities to help achieve the dream of home ownership.


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2022 Giving and Community Benefit Highlights

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$7.7 Million

Total charitable giving and sponsorships

Money distributed to people



Community organizations supported through giving and volunteer service

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$8.1 Billion

Committed over five years under Community Benefits Agreement

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Volunteer hours completed

Valuing Our Workforce

We create an environment where our associates have the chance to grow, connect, and do meaningful work together.

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We empower our associates to make a difference while growing their careers and being recognized for their diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives.


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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We aim to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—not just where we work, but also with our customers and in our communities.


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Operating Sustainably

We focus on smart business operations that benefit both the environment and the company. 

Acting Responsibly

We’re committed to operating and managing risk in ways that deliver long-term value to our customers, communities, associates, and shareholders.

Investor Relations

Report Archive

Commitment Statements

DEI Commitment Statement

Our company purpose – building economic vitality together for the greater good – anchors our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It frames our strategies, decisions, and interactions within our communities and for our customers. In our daily work, we create opportunities for more vibrant, economically successful communities with our products and services, and by leveraging our decades of combined financial expertise. We strive to build economic vitality in service of the greater good for under-resourced communities. 

It all starts by supporting our associates, who have been the cornerstone of Umpqua Bank since 1953. At Umpqua, we promise to be a place where you can grow, connect, and be appreciated for the work that you do. To accomplish this, we are committed to a bank-wide culture of belonging and inclusivity that serves every member of our shared community and empowers our associates to bring their authentic selves to work each day. 

Environmental Commitment Statement

Umpqua Bank (“Umpqua” or “we” or “the Company”) recognizes that building economic vitality together for the greater good requires increased attention and activation around how we steward our shared environment. We encourage our customers, associates, and communities to do the same. 

We also believe the negative impacts of climate change can threaten our communities’ access to clean air, water and land and disproportionately impact already marginalized and vulnerable communities. The ongoing presence and threat of wildfires in much of the Western United States is a reminder of the increasing impacts of climate change.

As a financial institution, we acknowledge the economic, societal, and ecological impacts of climate change to our business and to our customers. With guidance from our CEO and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Executive Leadership Group and oversight by the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Umpqua is taking steps to align our operational processes with our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. This oversight allows us to identify, prioritize and manage Umpqua’s impact, guided by our Risk Appetite Statement. Umpqua’s Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) program is designed to identify and manage risks, including credit and reputational risks associated with environmental and social issues. Umpqua continues to develop an overlapping process to identify environmental and social risks across our lines of business and actions we can take to minimize our impact.

Human Rights Statement

Umpqua Bank (“Umpqua” or “we” or “the Company”) supports fundamental principles of worker and human rights. Individuals must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and we believe our company has a role in promoting respect for human rights.  We strive to provide a fair and ethical workplace for all our associates across all our business activities and in the communities in which we operate. Umpqua’s regard for human rights, and the protection and preservation thereof, are guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Umpqua is also committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment and workforce.  We apply and enforce all applicable laws and ethical practices regarding our interactions with associates, customers, suppliers, and community.  We stand against discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws.

This commitment to an inclusive, safe, and ethical workplace is demonstrated in our Code of Conduct, Business Ethics, and our other human resources policies.  We expect associates to uphold high standards of professional and personal conduct and on an annual basis, all associates are required to complete online training and attest they have read, understood, and will comply with the standards set forth above.  Additionally, Umpqua expects the entities with which we do business similarly respect individual human rights and conduct their business operations free from human rights abuses, such as forced labor, human trafficking, or child labor.

Political Activity Statement

Umpqua Bank (“Umpqua” or “we” or “the Company”) participates in the political and public policy process, primarily in areas of impact to the banking industry. We are a highly regulated institution, subject to prescriptive laws and regulations related to political activities and contributions. Accordingly, Umpqua aligns any political engagement with applicable laws and regulations.

Trade Associations

Umpqua participates in national trade associations, federal and state banking associations and local chambers of commerce which represent the interests of the financial services industries, business communities within the regions where we have a presence, and the communities we serve. Our participation and efforts through these organizations aim to help drive major public and financial related laws, regulations or policies which may impact the financial services industry and the communities we serve. Umpqua’s participation as a member of these associations represents our general belief in the positions and issues being addressed by the respective association but acknowledges we may not agree with every stance an organization or its members take on an issue.

Our primary trade association relationships include American Bankers Association, Mid-sized Bank Coalition, Oregon Bankers Association, Western Bankers Association and Mortgage Bankers Association.

Employee Participation

Umpqua believes in every associate’s right to take an active interest in the political process and we provide associates time to participate in the voting process. Umpqua does not take into consideration individual associates’ political views or affiliations, nor do we discriminate on the basis of those views. Personal political activities shall only be conducted during personal hours (other than time off for voting) and must not involve any Umpqua resources.

Vendor Code of Conduct

Umpqua Bank (“Umpqua” or “we” or “the Company”) believes we share a responsibility to build economic vitality together for the greater good. It drives our commitment to partnering with sound and ethical vendors and suppliers.

When reviewing a potential vendor, we look for those who operate in accordance with our Vendor Code of Conduct and have their own internal guidelines, polices, and/or practices addressing:

  • code of conduct and ethics
  • human rights
  • diversity and inclusion
  • fair labor practices
  • health and safety
  • legal and regulatory compliance
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • supplier diversity
  • wages and working hours
  • environmental sustainability

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