Our Impact


At Umpqua, we have long believed we share a responsibility to make this world a better place, starting with how we help our neighbors and neighborhoods thrive every day. We embed this principle in the fabric of our corporate values and culture. It drives us to approach things differently, from how we define priorities to how we craft our products and services.

ESG Reporting

As an organization, we work to deepen focus on our stakeholders—customers, associates, communities, shareholders, and the environment. By continuing to evolve our approach we strive to measure and benchmark against an emerging set of environmental, social, and governance guidelines (ESG).

Focusing on Our Customers

We’re committed to helping individuals, families, and businesses thrive.


Data & Privacy


We aim to be transparent about our data collection and usage, so you can control your privacy.


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Expanding Access to Financial Services


We work to ensure financial services are accessible throughout the communities we serve.


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Empowering Our Community

We strive to help level the economic playing field.

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Boosting Financial Health


We focus on improving the financial health of our customers and communities.


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Community Engagement & Partnerships


We make a difference by partnering with nonprofit organizations and our communities.


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2020 Giving and Community Benefit Highlights

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$3.5 Million

Total charitable giving and sponsorships

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Number of community organizations those grants supported

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Percent of counties where Umpqua operates that received grants

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Volunteer hours completed

Valuing Our Workforce

We create an environment where our associates have the chance to grow, connect, and do meaningful work together.

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We empower our associates to make a difference while growing their careers and being recognized for their diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives.


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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We aim to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—not just where we work, but also with our customers and in our communities.


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Operating Sustainably

We focus on smart business operations that benefit both the environment and the company. 

Acting Responsibly

We’re committed to operating and managing risk in ways that deliver long-term value to our customers, communities, associates, and shareholders.

Investor Relations

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