Everyday Cash Card FAQs


The Everyday Cash Card is a more than a Visa® Reloadable Prepaid card. It's a smart money management tool. With the Everyday Cash Card, you can manage your household expenses, travel within your budget and shop online–all while protecting your main household accounts. There are no overdraft fees because you only spend what you add to the account.


The Everyday Cash Card is the secure, easy way to manage your money.


How do I set up a new Everyday Cash card account?

Visit your neighborhood Umpqua store.


How do I add money to my card?


How do I access the funds on my card?

  • Withdraw cash at any Umpqua ATM free of charge3

  • Make purchases at millions of retailers that accept Visa® debit cards

  • Pay bills by providing your card number to billers that accept Visa® debit cards for payment

  • Make online purchases through the Visa SRC service


How do I monitor my balance?

With the Everyday Cash Card, you can track your balance and spending via the following convenient options:


Who do I contact for Customer Service?

For support when you need it, call (866) 486-7782.



1 There is no charge from Umpqua but some retailers may charge a fee for this service.
2 Everyday Cash Card deposits are FDIC Insured up to the maximum allowed by law, and covered by Visa's Zero Liability Protection for fraudulent transactions. Refer to the Everyday Cash Card Terms and Conditions for details.
3 When using a non-Umpqua ATM terminal, you may be charged a surcharge by the ATM owner. The amount of the fee will be disclosed by the terminal owner at the time of transaction. Transactions are also subject to a fee by Umpqua when completed at a non-Umpqua ATM, including balance inquiries, deposits, funds transfers and withdrawals. Refer to the Everyday Cash Card Terms and Conditions for details.