Privacy & Security

Why does my card include a chip?


You’ve probably noticed the small metallic chip embedded on the front of your Debit and Credit Cards. When used in a chip-enabled terminal, the tiny chip embedded in your card generates a unique code for every transaction, making it even harder for your information to fall into the wrong hands.


chip card enabled terminal use


Easy purchases

Use your chip-enabled card at the same places you always have, and if those retailers offer chip-enabled terminals, you can insert your card and approve your purchase (see graphic). Otherwise, you can swipe your card as normal.


A world of possibilities

More places than ever accept Visa® cards, so you can access your funds whether you're globe-trotting or grocery shopping. Plus, chip-enabled terminals are coming to stores across the US (and are already common in over 130 countries), so you'll be ready to take advantage when you see them.


Zero liability

As always, if your card is lost or stolen, you're protected (but be sure to call (833) 898-0981 to report it). For details, see Visa’s zero liability policy.