Privacy & Security

Scam Alerts


Are there any current scams I should be aware of?


Yes. As of February 2018, Umpqua Bank customers have received text messages from someone impersonating Umpqua Bank, requesting that the customer contact the number provided.


The text directs you to “Please contact us 24/7 at 209-247-0954.” When this number is called, an automated system indicates that “Umpqua Bank needs to validate the account. All direct deposits will be disabled until verification is complete. Please enter the 16-digit account number.” These texts are fraudulent and you should not respond to them or call the number provided.

We have confirmed that that our systems have not been breached. The Cyber Security Incident Response Team is actively working to take down this phone number. In the meantime, please remain vigilant to suspicious phone calls or text messages impersonating Umpqua Bank.


How can I tell whether a phone call is legitimate?

We will never call, text or email to ask for your Debit Card information, account number or confidential information. We only request confidential information to verify your identity when you contact us, not the other way around. If you receive a suspicious call claiming be from Umpqua, hang up and call us at (833) 898-0981 or email us at