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Foreign Exchange & Global Cash Management

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Successfully manage your global cash flow without the risk of unpredictable exchange rates

No matter the type of currency you’re working with, Umpqua Bank has the expertise to manage all of your organization’s foreign exchange transactions. Our knowledgeable team has deep experience in worldwide currency, wire transfers, and forward contracts to keep your business on top of their finances, no matter where they originate.

Managing Payments

Managing global cash flow is quick, secure, and easy with Umpqua as your banking partner. Our foreign exchange banking services allow your business to accelerate your international payments, no matter the type of currency, safely and accurately.

Foreign Wire Transfers

Directly wire funds abroad instantly in your preferred currency—it’s safe and simple! Learn more

Cash Letters

Quickly convert funds to cash. With our cash letter service, it’s simple to clear and deposit foreign checks at current competitive rates.


Receive fast payment for checks. Funds are available the moment that the item has cleared through our International Services Group.

Foreign Currency Demand Accounts

Send and receive payments globally with no exchange rates. With a dedicated foreign currency account, effectively manage international transactions without paying the fees involved with converting the currency. When you need it, it’s easy to convert the balance to U.S. dollars.


Don’t let unpredictable fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX) rates take a toll on your business. Our risk management insights and expert hedging strategies can help your organization navigate the ever-changing foreign exchange market with ease.

Forward Risk Acceptance Program (FRAP)


Hedge up to $5 million in foreign currency with FRAP, one of only two forward acceptance programs in the U.S. With FRAP, Umpqua will serve as your FX hedging bank for the entirety of your international cash cycle for both payables and receivables.



  • Mature all forward contracts up to one year

  • Streamline approval processes by removing collateral or updated financial statements

  • Receive up to $5 million in annual hedged volume depending on the currency and maturity of the hedge


Forward contracts

Forward contracts allow you to buy or sell foreign currency at a fixed exchange rate. By locking in your FX rates as soon as you enter into a transaction, you can remove the risk of changes in the exchange rate over time. Forward contracts are available as a fixed-date contract or 90-day window contract to accommodate your unique business needs.

Explaining hedging

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