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Is trading in U.S. dollars really best for your international business?


As you look for a competitive edge, it’s a good time to consider how the right international wire strategy could position you for growth opportunities abroad. Umpqua Bank helps you manage risk and stay competitive using a combination of Foreign Exchange (FX) services and solutions.

How can you benefit from trading in local currencies?

If you buy or sell in local currencies for just some of your transactions today, setting a consistent wire strategy could save you time, money, and resources, while helping you strengthen your business relationships.

  • Easy, secure international payments

  • Control over exchange rates

  • A hedge for market volatility

  • Opportunities for better pricing

  • Potential to increase sales

  • Better relationships with partners

Our experienced team of FX specialists takes a personal approach to help you optimize your international business pursuits. Reach out to an Umpqua Banker to discuss how you can improve international business while managing risk using a combination of FX services and solutions.

Do you hesitate to do business in local foreign currencies?

You’re not alone. Most commercial businesses are dollar-centric and avoid exchanging goods and services in foreign currencies. However, the U.S. dollar may not be your best choice.

25 percent

of middle market businesses take advantage of dealing in foreign currencies for their international transactions.

75 percent

of companies are missing out on some important benefits of doing business in the preferred currencies of partners and vendors.

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Why payments in U.S. dollars may be costly


Doing overseas business transactions in U.S. dollars can actually be more expensive than dealing in local foreign currencies. Learn from Umpqua’s Marc Wolpert and Sabine Pahl about why the U.S. dollar isn’t always the best option for international business.


Read the article: Why the almighty dollar isn’t always the best

Solutions to meet your global business needs

Trading in foreign currencies can seem unfamiliar and complex. It doesn’t have to be. We use our expertise and insights to provide guidance and tools that put your business at a competitive advantage.

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Payables/FX Wire Tools

Quickly and easily send payments abroad in a beneficiary’s local currency and compete more effectively. Your international business partners and vendors actually prefer it.

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Foreign Currency Demand Accounts

Conduct business more efficiently in a foreign country by keeping transactions within its borders. We hold accounts in 11 countries to make it easier for you.

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Fluctuations in FX rates can quickly squeeze your profit margins. Stay ahead of the volatile FX market with smart hedging strategies crafted by our dedicated FX specialists.


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Our experienced team of FX specialists takes a personal approach to help you optimize your international business pursuits. We get to know and understand your business at the deepest levels to provide you with effective, customized solutions using FX wires and other International Business Services.

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