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Our new logo points the way forward, while staying true to our roots.

You’ve probably noticed that our logo is looking a little different these days. Soon you'll see additional updates to our look across our website, communications, and digital platforms. We’ve excited about our new look and what it symbolizes, and we’re confident you will be, too.



At the heart of Umpqua Bank is our commitment to outstanding levels of service and prosperity for our customers and communities. The preservation of the tree as our logo honors these principles, while a contemporary reinterpretation embraces a forward-thinking approach and a more expansive perspective of the West.

A symbol of our evolving journey, our new logo reflects our continuing commitment to community, exceptional service, and customer prosperity.

The abstract representation of our tree is simple and strong, and the implied motion symbolizes boundless possibilities. The color scheme and form reflect the fresh and energetic landscapes of the West, while the line artwork offers a modern interpretation on the heritage of our brand. Above all, our new look represents the potential for the future.

An enduring symbol to unlock the promise of what's to come.

Our dynamic new logo is just the beginning of an exciting new look for Umpqua Bank. It signals an ongoing opportunity to experience new and enhanced products, services, and support, all designed to help your family grow and your business thrive. We think you’ll find these opportunities exciting, and we can’t wait to share them with you. What will never change, though, are our bedrock values and our abiding commitment to you and your community.

While our look is changing, you don't have to change a thing.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see our new logo across all our communications. But nothing about the operation of your accounts or services will be any different. You’ll still get the same commitment to exceptional service and support, and there’s no need for you to do a thing.

No need to change your debit or credit card.
No need to change your checks.
No need to change a thing!