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Asset-Based Lending

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Increase your borrowing power

When your growth is outpacing your financing or you’re transitioning your business through a tough period, traditional financing isn’t always available. Our asset-based lending services can help bridge the gap by offering a flexible, revolving source of operating cash based directly on the value of your collateral assets.

Benefits of asset-based lending

Protect your credit rating


Safeguard and even improve your credit rating by paying suppliers (according to terms) with cash that would otherwise be tied up in accounts receivable.

Improve profits


Take advantage of cash discounts offered by suppliers and turn trade assets faster.

Reduce interests


Plan expenditures and minimize interest cost by paying the interest only on funds in use.

Expand your borrowing base


Escalate your borrowing power as the value of your collateral increases. With an expanding borrowing base you can grow in volume and make financing more comfortable.

Increase sales volume


Expedite deliveries and grow your sales volume with the ability to carry larger, more complete inventories.


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When it comes to capital needs, everything we do starts with you. From understanding your business’ growth plan to figuring out the right loan structure, the better we know you the better we can tailor financing to your specific needs.

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