Bridge the payment gap with financing for your import and pre-export needs

As an importer or exporter, finding the right financing to do business overseas is essential — and challenging. Umpqua offers a wide range of solutions to streamline your cross-border transactions, so you can do business where and when you want.

Import Trade Finance

You need goods delivered on time, but obtaining financing from your international suppliers can be tricky. Our import finance services provide the working capital you need to accelerate your transactions and strengthen your cross-border relationships.

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Trade Cycle Finance

Secure short-term financing through a non-formula line to finance the purchase of pre-sold goods from overseas. Your loan advance is repaid when payment is received from your domestic buyers.

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Asset-Based Line of Credit

Speed up the collection of receivables through a line of credit backed by a traditional borrowing base. The line can be used to obtain working capital and issue import letters of credit to pay your overseas suppliers.

Export Trade Finance

From buyers who can’t assure payment to long payment delays, selling to foreign markets is rarely easy. We offer structured export financing to protect you through the deal, provide pre-export cash flow and extend favorable terms to your buyer.

Short-Term Financing


Access short-term loans through an export letter of credit issued in your favor or against shipping documents forwarded to your overseas buyers through our documentary collections service. Your loan is repaid when payment is received.

Insurance of Export Receivables


Minimize your credit and currency risks on foreign receivables through a credit insurance policy from the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. or a private underwriter. Once you’ve insured your receivables, you can secure traditional bank financing and, in some cases, sell your receivables without recourse, significantly improving your cash flow.

Ex-Im Bank programs


Enroll in an export credit incentive program through Umpqua Bank. Incentive programs include a variety of short-, medium- and long-term credit guarantee and insurance programs in which the Ex-Im Bank shares both the commercial and political risks of the buyer.

Other Guarantee Programs


Obtain working capital financing with Umpqua’s assistance through alternative guarantee programs offered by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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