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Protect Against Fraud


Keep your business running without costly interruptions

with comprehensive fraud prevention.


Fraudsters and cyber thieves grow more sophisticated each year, making comprehensive fraud prevention and cybersecurity an urgent priority for your business. In close collaboration with your finance team, we recommend a set of coordinated tools and resources to help you block and prevent fraud, and keep your data locked up safe.


Our fraud prevention services can help you:


  • Implement best practices to prevent payment fraud.

  • Keep cyber criminals from accessing your online credentials.

  • Detect employee fraud as it occurs.

  • Focus on other priorities, knowing your accounts are monitored for suspicious activity.

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Security-oriented products and services

Prevent payments fraud


Payment fraud is a risk to companies of all sizes in all industries. Our fraud prevention tools help you avoid losses by quickly identifying and blocking counterfeit payments, helping protect your accounts and your bottom line.


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Positive Pay
Detect and stop unauthorized payments.


ACH Positive Pay
Filter or block unauthorized ACH charges.


ACH Block
Automatically reject all ACH debits from a specific account.

Secure networks/info


Cybersecurity is table stakes for modern businesses. We help you mitigate the day-to-day risks of data breaches with our best practice security controls.

Online banking entitlements
Manage who has access to your accounts.


Dual authorization
Authorize transactions by requiring multiple user credentials.


Isolated online access and activity
Isolate your server from the internet via routers, filters and a firewall.


Secure check stock
Prevent fraudulent alteration or counterfeiting of your business checks.

See around corners


We’re with you for the long haul, with proactive advice on where your industry is heading and what you should plan for next — personally and professionally.

Insights and guidance
Count on ongoing strategic advice.


Three-year planning
Perpetually align your strategies with your goals.


Business continuity planning
Develop a plan to prevent and recover from potential threats.


Industry trends
Get up-to-date insights on trends driving your industry.

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