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Online Debit Card Management FAQs

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Umpqua Bank’s online banking provides powerful debit card management tools you can use to manage your Umpqua debit card transaction alerts, turn purchasing on or off, view transaction history, and set travel notifications. Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Will I be able to manage my debit card controls and alerts from both mobile and desktop? Open/Close icon

Yes, both the desktop experience and the mobile app give you the same access to your debit card tools.

Will I be able to see all of the debit cards associated with my account? Open/Close icon

You will be able to see any debit cards on which you are listed as a signer. 

Why doesn’t my debit card art match the image on my actual debit card? Open/Close icon

The debit card picture within the debit card tools is a generic image, designed to indicate a class of card types. We have issued various different artwork for cards in the past and cannot guarantee that any specific card will show the matching card art online. However, it is important that the name and number visible within the tools match your card correctly.

How do I re-order a new card using my online banking? Open/Close icon

At this time, if you need to re-order a new card we recommend that you give us a call at 866-486-7782 or stop in to your local branch for assistance.

What cards are eligible to use with the Umpqua Bank card controls? Open/Close icon

All Umpqua Bank Debit Card products beginning with 416046, 446597, 423148, 429268, 477348, and 416780 are eligible for our card management tools, and should be added automatically to your profile. Umpqua Bank prepaid cards and credit cards are not eligible for use at this time.

Will the card controls work on my phone? Open/Close icon

If you already have the Umpqua Bank Mobile Banking app on your phone, then card controls will work through that app without problem. A full list of currently compatible systems, browsers, and phones can be found here.

Are there any fees associated with Umpqua Bank online banking, the mobile app, or Umpqua’s card controls? Open/Close icon

There are no fees assessed by Umpqua Bank to use the app. Depending on your mobile plan, you may incur data or SMS fees from your mobile carrier.

Can I have card controls and notifications set for multiple debit cards? Open/Close icon

Yes, each card is identified by both the last four digits of the actual card number, as well as the last four digits of the associated account number. Controls and notifications are set individually per card.

How do I set up card transaction alerts? Open/Close icon

Umpqua Bank’s card controls offer a wide range of alerts that help you stay in control of your cards and keep your account safe from suspicious activity. You can receive alerts via SMS text or e-mail. You can manage your alerts, including how you want to receive your alerts, by selecting ‘Debit Card Controls’ from the left-hand navigation menu of your online banking. Then choose the individual card and select ‘Alerts’ underneath the card image.

What if I lose my debit card? Open/Close icon

Use the Debit Card Controls menu to disable the card, preventing it from use. Then, contact Umpqua Bank immediately to report your card lost/stolen and order a new one at (866) 486-7782.

Once you receive your replacement card, it will be added automatically to your debit card controls. You may then activate the card there or via phone.